What product or service? ECO spiral pen with laser.
What is the target group? Teachers,  students,  people,  who works in office and old people.
How does this product get to the customer? We sell it at school, shops, Internet shops.

What customer needs are met?

  • Their ink doesn`t run out fast.
  • The ink doesn`t get stuck in the middle.
  • Teachers don`t have to be near the board, to show the students their presentation.

Competitive advantage.

  • More space for ink
  • The laser
  • Replaceable ink
  • Different colors (blue, black, red)
  • Hand made, special design, eco materials)

“Jagi Challenge”. It is an application that has originally been developed for phones. While using the application, a user would be getting different in-real-life challenges every week (see an example in the picture above). Every time someone finished a challenge, they get a certain number of points depending on a task’s difficulty. Whenever the consumer achieves the number of 100 points, he/she receives a reward. If the user follows all the tasks and accomplishes every of them, they gain an opportunity to obtain a golden challenge, which is being hosted for a certain number of people at the same time. The first one to finish a challenge gets the prize.

The application has some requirements, too:

  • A smartphone (to use the application).
  • Access to a camera on the phone.
  • An account registered at www.instagram.com (whenever a challenge is finished, it is required to take a selfie with it and upload to www.instagram.com with a specific hashtag until it is proven to be accepted by our moderators).

What product or service? USB-bracelets.


What is the target group? Students, businessman, people using computers.

How does this product get to the customer? Internet, markets, fairs.

What customer needs are met? To make their life easier. And we solve the problem of losing USB flash drives.

We will sell stickers and bracelets which will be connected with our app on the phone.


Our problem is forgetting things so wedecided that we will develop an app on the phone which will work by Bluetooth. It will be connected with our product – bracelets and stickers.

BRACELETS and STICKERS (product) – sticker will be stick on forgettable thing (keys, wallet, passport…). Bracelets will have to be on your hand which will be vibrating or beeping when you will go far from your forgettable thing and sticker on it.  The sticker will have the cheap and GPS tracker APP (services) – it will be an app which will be connected with your sticker and bracelet. On the app you can set up from which distance the bracelet will beeping or vibrating. When you will download the app on your smart phone you can see where your thing with sticker is located on the map.

Our product is a wooden circle where you can put your earphones around. This wooden circle is attached to a wooden phone case with a magnet. So it is reattachable.

What product or service? Helping older/ disabled people by doing chores for them and/or keeping them company.
What is the target group? Older/ disabled people.
How does this product get to the customer? By advertising with poster, website, …
What customer needs are met? Taking care of them ( or their pets, …)

Competitive advantage.

We provide a personal service, we talk to the people, we do chores for them, we go to places with them they like, …

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