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What was the most valuable for you in this project?
  • My ability to communicate with people increased. I got to know how to work in an international team, because I didn’t have such experience before. I overcame my shyness during the project.
  • EU- preneur project influenced me a lot. I can say that it changed me. The most valuable was working in international teams. We had to communicate with people from different countries a lot and it taught us to do different kind of work.
What did you learn about yourself?
  • With a decent effort I can do everything. I know English much better than I thought, all the words were in my passive vocabulary, with practice I will be able to use it.
  • That I can work in a group really good. Usually I am a leader, but I learned that I can be a follower too.
  • That I need to be more social and become better in interacting.
  • I have more talents that I ever thought.
  • I learned that I can learn stuff quite quickly. I also discovered that I really enjoy working with people from different countries. For me it makes work much more interesting. I think it also made me more confident.
What knowledge will you take to your future?
  • Speaking in public. Working in the team. Dealing with people from different countries. Thinking out of the box, creative thinking. Self-confidence is a really important thing.
  • How to have more confidence, English, that it is nothing wrong to think out of the box, how to be patient about opposite ideas in team work… Do what you love!
  • I definitely learned stuff from teachers. But the main was doing work by ourselves as it is practical and I remembered a lot. I also had some life lessons about doing work in a team. It also made me more confident speaking in public in English. I can proudly say that the project taught me a lot and I am very thankful to everybody here.


What are your next steps (in order not to lose what you’ve learnt)?
  • Trying to find opportunities to speak English everywhere. Being as active and responsible as I can.
  • To be confident in every of my ideas and get a job that I love.
  • I hope to use my knowledge in my future life and job as I want to do entrepreneurship in future. It is always good to have entrepreneurship skills even in everyday life.
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