You should encourage students to be more creative. When the students come across the problem – they often stop and wait for external help. It is essential to stress importance of all kinds of resources they can use (info, people). We can use innovation challenges or creativity workshops to help students think out of the box.

It is important to help them concentrate and keep thinking, because work in an international team is a challenge and can be tiring. Teachers should encourage them.

Involvement of experts is essential for the business ideas.

Students should get practical workships in stead of theoretical lectures. Learning by doing will provide them own experience.

We don’t have the same expertise in each country. Each partner has its own strength.

Being flexible and dealing with stress is an important skill in life. Both students and teachers practise it during the learning process in an international team.

It is important to think about sharing responsibilities between students in a better way and provide each student’s active participation in a team taking into account their peculiarities.

The students should develop their presentation skills.

They communicate well in their international teams. Don’t be afraid to give them the freedom to communicate in their own way.

Social competence is difficult to evaluate. Through observation, open questions and discussion learn to reflect. Social competence is one of the most essential competence for their future.

Learning to learn – could be better (searching a state of mind should be developed). Problem-solving skill is necessary . You have to be aware of the fact it is important to find solutions quickly. It is not enough to stick to an idea and to concentrate only on it.


Students have to find a right solution by themselves. Correctly organised learning processes lead to self-confidence and believe in yourself.

Use other ways of presenting than powerpoint. For example It is necessary to show students that business plan is just a short part. Visualisation is extremely important.

International projects should be in the curriculum of each country.

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