Ice-breaking, team building and energizing activities are necessary for keeping the learning atmosphere friendly, dynamic and non-formal. They also provide everybody’s active participation. In our project, part of these activities was organised by the students and involved both teachers and students as team members. We used ice-breaking activities during the first days of our learning modules and energizing activities during the other days in the mornings and after lunches to wake up and be fresh and in a good mood. Since the topic of the learning modules and entrepreneurship-based activities were difficult for the students, then ice-breaking and energizing activities were also used to reduce stress and cheer the participants up.

“Getting acquainted in a circle with movements”

All stand in a circle, one starts by saying his/her name and shows some movement, next person repeats the previous person’s name and the movement and add his/her own name and shows the another movement; next person repeats the previous two persons’ names and movements, continue till every student has said his/ her name and showed the movement. At the end all show all movements and call the persons’ name, who showed it. It’s challenging, but really funny!

Team building activity “Snakes and Ladders”

This is interactive competition for teams in a city environment with virtual elements.Think of a regular board game. Like Snakes and Ladders. Imagine that the game-board is the city centre, game fields are virtual locations around you and game pieces are real people.  The game is all about getting from start to finish with as few steps as possible. Game fields have the ladders and snakes attached to them.  Instead of throwing the dice players answer a question at every field they stop at.

In the race against time to beat your adversaries, all participants will work in teams to:

Search for clues and answer location  specific  questions.

Take photos and interact with locals

Complete active team challenges.

If you are interested in it: here is a link to this exciting game.

Innovation challenge “Behave like an entrepreneur!” (team building)

Category HR

  • Best team
  • Best entrepreneurial spirit
  • Most fun


Category product

  • Best result
  • Most creative idea
  • Most ecological idea
  • Best design


20 EUR challenge“ (team-builder or energizer)

You have 20 EUR in your pocket. Which business idea can you develop with 20 EUR? Provide at least 7 ideas in 7 minutes.

“Grab a roll” (ice-breaker)

Take a full roll of toilet paper and tell the participants you’re going to pass it around the circle, and they can take off as many or as few sheets as they like.

After the roll has gone all the way around the circle, share with the participants the “twist” to the game: For each sheet that they took, they have to tell the group something about themselves.

For example, if someone has three squares, he would share three things about himself, like: “I play the guitar, I love sailing and it was my first flight in my life to come here”.

“I have a little house” (energizer)

Get the group to form a circle.

The leader tells them the first words: I have a little house like this like this, and shows the movements with a hand, making movements with your hands how to make a cube,

Then the leader tells them the second words: I am knocking on the door. Like this like this, and shows the movements how to knock on the door.

Then go the next words: The smoke goes out of the chimney, like this like this, like this, and the forefinger makes fast movement like a round.

Everybody repeats the words and movements.

Then the leader starts the uttering the words with the most silent voice and the most slow movement.

After each successive repetition of the words, the leader speaks out louder and doing movements faster and everybody repeats that.



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